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Achieving colour beyond summer

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Spring and summer bring an abundance of choice with bulbs and perennials spoiling us with what’s on offer. From Alliums to Zantedeschia we really can work our way through from A-Z.

Structuring a garden border by height (low at the front, medium height mid border and taller plants to the back) is a good way of being able to see what’s on show. Timing of flowering and colour palette are other considerations. Not all gardens want or have the traditional border and this is where a garden designer’s vision and creativity as well as plant knowledge is hugely beneficial. Helping create a design for a space that meets the functional needs of the client, whilst ensuring the best plants are included to maintain interest all year round.

The list of plants is of course endless which it’s why it’s useful to think about your own likes and dislikes when it comes to colours and shapes of trees and shrubs as a good starting point. Also, do you prefer shrubs to retain their foliage all year round or do you prefer a mix of evergreen and deciduous plants? Style of garden will also influence how much colour and what type of colour you place into the garden. A cottage garden with high volume herbaceous borders is going to look and feel different to a modern, minimalistic style of garden with a simplified colour palette and a selective number of plants.

An abundance of colour in this Cottage Garden in Puddington, Cheshire, designed by Nadine Mansfield Garden Design.

The key to achieving colour all year round is to plan. Understand what is going to look best and when. As a garden designer I will work with you to ascertain what you want to achieve from your garden, your preferences on style and colour and from there I will apply a planting strategy which pulls it altogether with rhythm, balance and interest to make it work.

For a garden design consultation please get in touch with me, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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