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Unveiling the Creative Vision: Nadine's Show Garden at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2024

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July 2024 will see Nadine Mansfield Garden Design exhibit at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park for the first time as Nadine enters the inaugural Career Changer of the Year competition.

In her brief for the garden, Nadine will be challenging new build home owners to ditch artificial grass with her inspiring lawn free garden design at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

Passionate about wildlife in gardens she believes we need to move towards sustainable gardens and can do so even without a lawn, in a way that nurtures and protects the environment.  Nadine strongly believes there is no need in society for artificial grass.  She is an avid supporter of hedgerows and uses thoughtful garden planting to create the feel of a spacious garden even in a small plot.

In explaining more about her garden for the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2024 Nadine says:

“The rate at which new builds are being built is astounding, and the gardens that come with the houses can have a reputation for being difficult to work with. Homeowners often just put artificial turf into these spaces without realising the negative effects and others simply struggle for inspiration for their muddy rear gardens. Artificial lawn manufacturers and installers often claim the plastic grass can be recycled. It can’t. At the end of its short life, it ends up in landfill. It’s terrible for the environment on many levels; birds can’t access the ground underneath it, micro-plastics end up in the water courses, clover can’t grow on it therefore bees and other pollinators suffer as a result, plus in the summer, it heats up meaning it can be unsafe to walk on, especially for pets and children, whilst also contributing to increased heat generally in the garden whereas real lawns cool down our environments.

With my show garden I want to present what can be done in the new build space that is practical, aesthetically pleasing and good for wildlife. The intention is to show how a new build garden can be a haven for people and nature alike.”

Nadine’s garden will be called “A Better New Build Garden” and she hopes to inspire new build home owners and property developers to make more of their spaces and to ditch environmentally damaging artificial grass.  The imaginary but very real life brief sees a garden being created for a couple who have downsized from a large detached house in Cheshire to a smaller new build with a garden that has only soil. They don't want a lawn and like the sound of water, plants wildlife and places to sit.

The show garden uses gravel in place of lawn surrounded by lots of plants for pollinators, native hedging allowing birds to nest and feed and two specimen trees; Acer davidii ‘Viper’ and a mulit-stem Crataegus prunifolia. There is also the use of reclaimed slate in gabion seating which will allow bugs and insects to find a home, reclaimed oak totems with specific holes drilled in for solitary bees, a section of premium timber fencing courtesy of with a dedicated hole allowing hedgehogs to pass through whilst a dual level bespoke water feature made from corten steel and reclaimed stone boulders adds an additional sensory element to the space.

The permeable patio will be constructed using beautiful Egyptian limestone slimline pavers courtesy of London Stone who have also supplied materials for the limestone steps and coping stones.

Thanks also go to Dobbies for the supply of patio furniture for the show garden, Ladybrook Nursery for their help and support with plants, as well as Nida Gravel for their sponsorship too.

Below: Design concept for 'A Better New Build Garden' by Nadine Mansfield Garden Design

Image and design ©Nadine Mansfield Garden Design Limited

The Better New Build Garden will be built by the talented team of colleagues and friends at Garden360UK to whom Nadine extends her biggest thanks.

Tickets for the RHS Tatton Flower Show July 17th-21st 2024 can be purchased online.

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