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Celebrating one year in business

It’s been one whole year since I formally commenced my garden design career and during that past 12 months I have had many different experiences in many different gardens. No brief is the same and every challenge is unique. The diversity of garden designing is one of the most enjoyable things about it.

And the two things that are vitally important with each project, are getting the design brief right and creating a budget that is as close as possible to what is expected by the client. Customer satisfaction is 100% what this job is all about…ensuring the client is delighted with their outdoor space which has been created according to the design they have been presented with and bought into.

I believe that being allowed into someone’s garden to create a new, inspirational space for them to enjoy, is an absolute privilege.

Being invited into a client’s garden to work on creating a new space or improving an existing space is something that I always treat with respect…it’s an incredibly personal experience for the customer and a huge responsibility as a garden designer. But for both parties, when the brief is met and the end results are witnessed, the sense of achievement and satisfaction are something to behold.

So what does 2021 hold in store….well, the pipeline of design work is already busy as people look towards summer, which is potentially another summer at home. Clients have realised more than ever that their outdoor space and gardens are an absolute extension of their homes so investing is more than worthwhile. It adds to the experience and feeling of the home not to mention the value of the property.

I’m also now designing using 3D visuals meaning clients can more easily visualise what their space will look like.

If you’d like to speak to me about what I can do to transform your garden, please get in touch, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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