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5 Reasons to Appoint a Garden Designer

There are many reasons why it's a great idea to hire a Garden Designer to design your outdoor space. Here is a simple list of five:

1. Creativity. The Garden Designer will assess your space and provide creative ideas to fit your unique brief. As an expert in their field (or should I say garden), the Garden Designer will listen to your wish list as the client and marry this with options that will work in your garden.

2. The benefit of experience. Not all gardens are the same - and each one can come with different challenges. As Garden Designer who has worked on many projects in various locations, Nadine knows gardens are all are the clients. It's the benefit of this experience that is worth its weight in gold. A Garden Designer will look at the garden, drawing on knowledge and experience, to create a design that works for you and the space, for years to come.

3. Value for money. A good Garden Designer will work with you to get the best out of your budget. It's useful if the client has some idea of what they would like to spend. Nadine often refers to "the kitchen analogy." When you buy a house and you want the kitchen updating. you probably know what you'd like to spend. Often, clients don't know how much things cost when it comes to the garden. A great Garden Designer will work with you to get the best value for your £££s.

4. Knowledge. Garden Designers understand the market and the various options and trends when it comes to plants and materials. Italian porcelain or Indian sandstone paving? Millboard or composite decking? Off the shelf garden studio or purpose built? What plant, how many and where? Just employing a person who does patios every day of the week won't result in a cohesively designed and unique space. And having a Garden Designer who is qualified in Horticulture as Nadine is, you can also be confident that the right plants will be selected for your new garden.

5. Trust. Experienced Garden Designers often work with landscapers they know and trust which is helpful when it comes to tendering for the implementation of the project. A good Garden Designer will work in tandem with landscapers who they know will deliver for their client - on budget and on detail. Both of their reputations go hand in hand, so it makes sense that the Garden Designer collaborates with known landscapers on the build.

Nadine Mansfield is a Garden Designer based in Poynton, Cheshire. To arrange a consultation please call 07983 519494 or email

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